Only Child

I do believe that Marley suffers from Only Child Syndrome. He craves, well demands, attention at all times. When I'm on the phone for too long he begins to bark and nip at my pants. When my wonderful long time friends come to visit he once again steals the show. He's just not happy unless the world is revolving around him.

Here you can find him curled up on Kristin's lap. He refuses to lay in the floor at your feet. Oh no, the Marley must be as close to you as possibly. He just won't take no for an answer.
Here you can find Marley at the table waiting on his breakfast casserole. He doesn't understand that he is not human. He thinks he deserves to eat at the table like every other person.
So just know, if you come visit me, you will have dogs crawling all over you, invading your personal space, and eating at the table with you. :)


Mom said...

I can't really tell if Kristin is enjoying Marley or not? LOL! He is just like his master - the only child spoiled rotten!

Heather said...

I think it is time for doggy number 2...

Anonymous said...

Leanne, this could totally be at my house! Barney would get in my pocket and walk around with me if he could fit. By the way, congrats on all the exciting things happening in your life!