It's Not a Tumor

...well actually it is a tumor. Poor little Marley has a benign tumor on his foot. I first noticed it when I was home for the Holidays but just thought Marley had cut his paw on the ice/snow. It kept bleeding every time Marley went outside and romped in the snow. Seeing as how it still hasn't gone away almost a month later we decided to let the vet check it out.

The vet assured us it was nothing to worry about and very common in young dogs. He said it would go away within 3 months. Although it doesn't look very appealing and Marley spends alot of his time these days licking it we will trust the vet and just wait it out.
Marley is very self-conscious of it and keeps trying to hide it while I am taking pictures. Poor guy. We'll be sure to give him extra lovin until it goes away.

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Mom said...

Poor Mar! From the pic it looks worse (or maybe I should say bigger?) than when he was here for the Holidays. I think that calls for extra treats!!!!!!