Let them eat cake

In case you didn't get the memo, I have a wedding to plan.
Geez, where to start...how about the cake!
Things I do know:
1. I want a round cake
2. I want a really tall cake
3. I want it to taste amazing
Things I don't know:
1. What to put on top, flowers, figures, initials???
2. What kind of icing, cake flavor, filling etc...

I really like this one. It is round, tall, and already has my colors!
This one is very pretty but maybe with different flowers and a small black ribbon.
This one is fun and clean looking. I love how it sits on a glass pedestal.
I love the apples! Very different.
What is your favorite/thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Leanne, I love the first one. It is simple yet elegant! I also like the fruit ones. They are very different yet beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love the second one with all the green ribbon. SO pretty.


PS- Don't stress on the planning too much. At the end of the day people will only remember the food, the dress and if they had a good time.

PSS- Get a wedding planner!!! Saved my life.

Mom said...

Ok here's my thoughts - Love the 1st one, but square if u use square vases on the tables and round if u use round vases - If you want to use the apples how about putting them under the glass pedestal kinda like the 3rd cake? I vote for initial on the top. Just my thoughts. And I vote with Alix on the wedding planner! Might save both of us! I Love You!

Grace said...

oooh! all are very pretty! the ones with the fruit are so unique! maybe with a fall wedding you could play up the apples, etc.