My friend Grace organized (wait a minute....Grace and organized in the same sentence, thats amazing) a canoe trip last weekend. I'll admit I wasn't thrilled about it. Muddy water, slimy fish, snakes, bugs, etc... are not my favorite. I prefer a clean pool where I can see the bottom and have no chance of anything nibbling on my toes. Of the six of us I think only 2 had ever been in a canoe before. I had no clue what to do and the company we rented from wasn't about to help us. So we loaded up and I was sure we were going to tip the canoe as soon as we got in the water. I insisted on taking Marley but didn't think it through. He was spastic at first, rocking the boat from side to side, trying to jump out, and jumping into another canoe at one time. Luckily he calmed down about 2 hours into the trip and was content to man the front of the canoe. I even let him jump out and swim for a bit. We saw cows in the river, a bunch of frogs, a baby deer taking a swim, and several drunk ladies. It was a great day and guess what... we didn't tip the canoe!

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That's such a good picture of your family.