Cereal and Cartoons

I love Saturday mornings. The world is quiet, my coffee tastes much better since I can enjoy it instead of inhaling it before I head out the door to work, and I can spend hours on the Internet without feeling guilty. Remember when Saturday mornings consisted of eating a big bowl of lucky charms or cinnamon toast crunch and watching cartoons. Man those were the good old days. Easy breezy and care free just like Marley hanging out the car window.
I'm kinda over summer and my hot box (aka my black car with black interior, its a bi#%^ in the summertime). I'm ready for cool days, football, and the trees to look like this one.
Last but not least in this random post...a work in progress. This little construction site/mess could soon be mine! I'm pretty sure the workers are getting concerned about Chad and I driving by so much and snapping pictures. They might call the cops on us any day now. So keep your fingers and toes crossed that all goes well and I can call this place home.
Enjoy the weekend and maybe a big bowl of lucky charms ;)

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