Apparently Marley is aware that Sunday is the day of rest because that's all he did. Usually he is pretty high strung and runs circles around the apartment but not on Sunday. He spent the entire day trying to get the treats out of his new toy and sleeping. Several times during the day he went missing and I found him laying in the bed with all the lights off.

He tired quickly of my photo shoot and hid his head under the covers. I think he was having a fat day and didn't want his picture taken.


s. stockwell said...

Hi Leanne...fun to find you here. and you have a puggle? so gorgeous. we have 2 puggies and we know how lovable they are...and crazy? you can see our girls at http://jeffersonstable.typepad.com/jeffersonstable/2009/03/the-official-tasters-select-winning-amuse-bouche.html

best, s

Ann said...

He is surely super cute :)