Eggplant Flop

I usually write about my cooking successes but today I am writing about a cooking failure :( Ever since I ate the Eggplant Parmesan at my favorite Italian restaurant (http://www.finezzabistro.com) I have been itching to make it myself. I've only had a few culinary experiences with eggplant in my 25 years and most have been eating what a professional has cooked. One memory in particular of eggplant was when I was younger and I some how convinced my mom to help me make eggplant "french fries." I think I saw it on TV. Being the wonderful mom that she is, she agreed to let me wreck her spotless kitchen. Although I had great fun making these mock fries the end product was not that memorable. Perhaps that is why I've stayed away from eggplant. Anywho, my first attempt at Eggplant Parmesan was pretty pathetic. I made several mistakes, one being I sliced the eggplant a little to thick. They looked like hockey pucks. Second, I staked them way to high. It looked like an eggplant big mac. Oh well, maybe I will try again in the future. All was not lost with this dinner however, my salad not only looked delicious :) but it also tasted delicious!

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