Grandmaw Bunion

Bad news... I have official been diagnosed with a bunion. Yes that's right me 25 years old with a bunion. It was a sad day. My lovely doctor who has yet to make eye contact with me gave me my options: a) Bunion surgery-I will be on crutches for 2 months and there is a good chance the bunion will grow back, b) Spend $500 on a custom made shoe insert, c) Spend $125 on a non-custom shoe insert, d) Spend $65 on a really shitty shoe insert. Its really a lose lose situation. Goodbye cute wedges and stilettos and hello Easy Spirits. For your enjoyment I have included a picture of my Fred Flintstone'ish foot.

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Xidog said...

Hi Leanne,

My name is Adrian and I would be interested in discussing bunions with you. Please contact me at adrianweber AT gmail.com

Thanks Leanne--