Guess Who?

Working on Saturdays is really not my favorite but sometimes I just have to. A few weeks ago I found myself working on a beautiful Saturday along with the other Speech Therapist (Jennifer). We decided a cognitive group was a good way to kill several birds with one stone and head home early. We settled on the game Guess Who thinking it would be a good cognitive exercise and our sweet confused patients would get some socialization and learn something new. Playing this game numerous times as children we thought it would be easy to learn and teach, maybe even too easy. We didn't want to offend our patients. However, we quickly realized we were wrong. I explained the game, Jennifer explained the game, we explained the game together, even the patients tried to explain the game. Nothing got through. They asked questions like..."Does your person have eyelashes?" "Does your person have whiskers?" "Does your person have a hat on (they all had hats on at this point)." They even asked "Is your person colored?" after which they couldn't figure out who was "colored." They gave away the answer, they argued with us, they argued with each other. In the end 3 out of the four patients hated us and the game. They we probably more confused than ever. Jennifer and I were mentally exhausted and definitely earned our pay. Lesson learned...Guess Who is not a game for the elderly population. I think I will stick with Scrabble.

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