Say what!?!

So I have this patient at work who has a very complicated medical history and has recently become very confused. Okay confused is an understatement. She is completely bonkers. Here is an example of our therapy session today:
Me- "Is a ball round?"
Patient - (staring at the wall) "Uh euca, eucalyp, yeah eucalyptus."
Me - "Let me ask that again. Is a ball a round object?"
Patient - "No"
Me - "Is a leaf a living object."
Patient - (still staring at the wall) "Fiber!"
Later in the session I asked her why she was here (meaning why was she in a skilled nursing facility). Her answer was "I'm here because I'm here."

And it is only Monday...

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Grace said...

"I'm here because I'm here." that's great. I want to start saying that.