Good-Bye 2008

Good-Bye 2008
Hello 2009

Here is a rundown events in 2008 that stick out in my head:
1. I got my first raise! Woo-hoo for being an adult
2. I got a puppy
3. I had my first visit to Memphis, Tennessee
4. I experienced hard core gambling in Tunica, Mississippi (no more penny slot machines for me)
5. Went to Memphis again to get trained in Vital Stim
6. I had my first trip out west to Denver, Colorado for the Mile High Music Festival
7. Went to my first Titans game, got to go down on the field, and sit in a box!
8. Went to NYC for a long weekend with three high school friends
9. Lost my childhood pet, Angel :(
10. My parents sold the house I grew up in

All in all it was a good year, I was healthy, wealthy (well maybe not that wealthy), and happy.

Goals for 2009
1. Run a 1/2 marathon
2. Get another raise
3. Travel to Vegas
4. Travel to LA
5. Eat healthy
6. Cook more
7. Read more
8. Train my dog to not jump on people :0)

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Happy New Year!