Historic Tuesday

We have a new president! Woo-Hoo What an amazing day. I don't know about you but I had some major goosebumps and tears in my eyes during the inauguration and seeing the enormous crowd gathered in DC. As I was walking down the hall at work, you could hear the speech loud and clear. Every patients room had the TV on and blaring as usual because of the high incidence of hearing loss in the geriatric population. :) It really resonated (literally) how important this day is/was.

Now on to random thoughts for the day:
1. Marley is becoming quite the model. Just look at that face! Never mind the fact that he mistook my finger for his toy last night and bit me so hard that I cried. 2. I'm in love with my DVR and comcast On Demand. No more coin tossing on what to watch on Tuesday night. I can now record American Idol and watch it after the Biggest Loser.

3. Green Mountain Blueberry Coffee is AMAZING. It gets my going in the morning.

Happy Tuesday!

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Terra said...

I've gone through two bags of Green Mountain Blueberry coffee since October! You have to try the Cinnamon Cream Swirl, as well :)

Miss you friend.