What I'm Loving

I need help.
I have a problem.
It's called shopping.
If it's new I must buy it.
If I see it on a blog I must have it.
If all the cool kids are doing it then I must do it too.
Here are the latest products I just couldn't live without.
Cookie Butter?
What is the heck is cookie butter you ask?  
It's delicious that's what it is.
I described it as Christmas is a jar.
Promise me you will go to Trader Joes and buy some.
If you don't have a Trader Joes I will personally ship it to you.
Seriously its that good.
During my daily browsing session on Etsy I can across these adorable organic baby rattle/teether at Smiling Tree Toys
They have so many cute designs and you can customize them as well.
What baby wouldn't love this? Or pregnant mom...hello baby shower gift! 
I was extremely picky when it came to purchasing a case for my phone.
It had to be pretty to look at AND do its job.
And by job I mean protect my phone because I drop it all the time!
So after searching high and low and bugging my husband for his opinion I finally found the one at Cuptakes.
Isn't it beeaauuutiiifull?
Yes, it may be a little expensive but for something that I carry around 24/7 I'd say it is well worth it.
I've had it for about 4 months now and dropped it a good 10...okay 20 times now and its still perfect.
Okay last but not least...my new bkr water bottle.
Its glass with a silicone sleeve!
I've convinced myself I have or will have cancer from using plastic water bottles.
Plus they get gross after awhile and if you use anything but water in them the flavor is stuck forever. Am I right people. So who is with me? Get yourself one immediately.

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