Oh Etsy...

Is there a support group for people addicted to Etsy? If so, sign me up ASAP before I spend every last dime I have. I made the wonderful mistake of downloading the Etsy app on my phone. Its very entertaining while feeding the baby, rocking the baby, laying in bed, waiting in Traffic, etc... Before I realize it I have 100 things in my cart and I'm suddenly needing things I didn't realize I needed.
These neat state prints are my most recent purchase from TwoDovesPrintery  and for $7 how could I possibly say no (framing not included). They are printed on a piece of dictionary paper and can be personalized. Great gift too.
If you know me, you know I love everything paper. Cards, notebooks, sticky notes, planners, calendars. Its another obsession ranking up there with Etsy. I searched for days for my new desk calendar and I had 5 different ones in my cart before I finally choose one from Poofy Prints. I think I made the right choice because I love it! The cards are different for each month and fit great in a frame on my desk!
Do you guys have any favorite shops that I could add to my addiction?

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Kristin Dillow said...

Also, great wedding gift:) We love ours!