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This recipe is another goody from Pioneer Woman. I've looked at it several times in her cookbook but it wasn't until my friend Caroline posted it on her blog that I decided I had to try it. Caroline cooks hers in a crock pot all day while she is busy working her magic in the world of Speech Therapy. I on the other hand bought all the ingredients and surprised my hubby that he would be cooking it in the oven while I was at work. :)
I know what your thinking. This picture isn't very appetizing...but the smell was amazing. This is what the pork shoulder looked like after cooking for 6 hours.
We couldn't stop eating the pork long enough to shred it up.

Spicy Pulled Pork
- 4-7 pound pork shoulder/butt (We used around a 5 pounder)

-1 teaspoon dried oregano, 1 teaspoon ground cumin, 1 teaspoon chili powder

-1 tablespoon of salt and pepper to taste

-3 cloves of garlic

-1 tablespoon of olive oil

-2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar

-1/4 cup brown sugar

-1 whole onion

Rinse and pat dry the pork

Rough chop the onion and throw it in a food processor along with all the other ingredients. Pulse the ingredients until combined. Once combined, take a whif of that, it's awesome. Then rub that deliciousness all over the butt. Throw that booty in a dutch oven with two cups of water and bake at 300 covered for 6-7 hours until tender. Be sure to turn it every hour. Raise the temperature to 425 and continue roasting uncovered until nicely browned about 15-20 minutes. Shred with fingers and forks. Enjoy!

This dish makes ALOT of pulled pork. We made pork nachos one night and pork sandwiches another. Promise you will try this dish. It was so so so good!

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Got mine today. These two little piggies are going to try it! Ha!