Attention Dog Owners

Now that the wedding is over, thank you cards are completed, and the holidays are behind us, I actually have time to READ A BOOK! Woo-Hoo. I couldn't decide what I wanted to read so I picked up a couple of books at Target the other day. One of the books that caught my eye was "Inside Of A Dog" by Alexandra Horowitz. Let me first say this book is by no means a thriller or love story or any combination of the two. It is however very informative and enlightening to a dog owner. It tries to explain how dogs see the world and why they behave the way they do. After reading this I feel like I better understand Marley and how and what he tries to communicate. For example I now understand why he freaks out after a bath and runs all over the house like a maniac....its because I have washed all the scent/smells off of him and he is desperately trying the dirty himself up again by running around. Pretty cool huh? So anyways, all you dog lovers/owners give this book a try.

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Kelli said...

I always thought we needed a dog whisperer for Duke! The book is probably a better option. Like Marley, Duke also does laps around our house like a wildman after a bath...Now I know why! :)