Gingerbread Martini

While home for the holidays, my mother whipped me up a delicious holiday cocktail. Apparently they serve these at Outback and she secretly stole the recipe...

Dip martini glass into club soda or sprite or something of that nature. Then dip in finely crushed up gingerbread cookies (we used Pepperidge Farm Gingerman cookies)
1 shot of vodka
1 shot of Baileys
1 shot of Kahlua
1 shot of milk
Mix together in a shaker with ice then pour into a martini glass (my mother would like me to note that she doesn't have martini glasses but wants to make sure ya'll know to serve in martini glasses instead of margarita glasses. PS I bought her martini glasses for Christmas!)
Feel free to add whipped cream and gingerbread cookie to float on top. Delicious!

I feel like that recipe didn't make sense...I think I'm have too many gingerbread martinis :)
Happy Holidays Ya'll!

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Anonymous said...

Leanne, I am glad you got to experience your mom's gingerbread martini! They are fantastic! Enjoy the holidays!