Don't Quit Your Day Job

After taking my first Fondant class its safe to say I won't be quitting my day job to work as a cake decorator. Truth be told I usually don't like cakes with fondant on them. Sure they look more polished but buttercream is my best friend and why hide it with tasteless fondant. So to my surprise the fondant that we used in the class was actually pretty good.
Here's Margaret muscling her fondant. Notice the lovely marble blue color. We learned how to create that in class.
Here is Margaret applying the crumb coat. They gave use a big dish of buttercream frosting and I'm pretty sure I ate more than I managed to get on the cake. I had quite the belly ache that day.
Proof that I took the class although my name is not Leann Polliver. I've seen alot of misspellings but this one takes the cake....no pun intended.
And here my friends is the final product. The goal was for the cake to look like a Christmas present but mine looks more like a scary crazy lady hat or something.
Margaret's cake looks pretty good huh. Maybe she can quit her day job.


Mom said...

Too bad you guys didn't take this class earlier - You all could have made your Wedding Cake! I think you all did a great job for the 1st time!

Margaret said...

I look like the crazy lady who should be wearing your cake as a hat!