Good Night

We bought a new bed and...its HUGE! I mean really really big.
Now all our other furniture looks miniature. Guess we will have to go shopping again ;)
Between me (who likes to sleep sideways), Chad (6 foot 4 inches), and Marley (mr. I will kick you in the middle of the night if your in my way) a good nights sleep was few and far between.
We decided our queen bed just didn't cut it anymore.
We picked out this beauty below.
I'm tempted to lay there all day. Its Saturday, its cold, why not just camp out in bed all day.

Poor Marley can barely jump up onto the bed. He has trouble getting his behind all the way up. Too much junk in tha trunk I think.


Mom said...

Oh my gosh, that is one big bed. Love it! Poor Mar, you guys will have to get him a step stool to get up on the bed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne! I agree with your mom that Marley does need some steps to get upon that bed! Marley may have a lot of junk in his trunk but we think he is the cutest pup in town.