When we moved into our house, I just HAD to have this fuzzy, shag like rug from World Market. Little did I know it would turn out to be my nemesis. The rug shed like crazy! I swear I could sweep up piles of that stuff daily. It drove me crazy. Then to top it off, Marley decided the rug would make a great place to vomit. Not just any kind of vomit but orange/reddish color vomit on my cream rug. I tried everything to get that stain out but it wasn't budging. Yesterday I started cleaning like a mad woman and decided the vomit stained, shedding rug HAD to go. We went to the greatest place on earth (Target) and found a brand new rug. This rug was cheaper and bigger. Chad and I were amazing in the difference it made. The living room feels so much warmer and more spacious. Top picture is the new rug. Bottom is the old rug.

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Mom said...

Much much better!!!!! Did you paint the kitchen wall? It looks like a pale shade of green or is it my computer? Between Marley sheading and that rug I don't know how you stood it. Not as picky as your Mom I guess!