As I started planning for the big day, I began to worry about the bridesmaid dresses. I seriously think I was more concerned what their dresses looked like more than my own dress. Come on now, we all know the sterotype that bridesmaid dresses have and you can't tell me you don't have an awful expensive bridesmaid dress stuffed way back in your closet that you will NEVER wear again. I put much thought into this and here is the end result.

J. Helm dress in black
Simple yet elegant jewelry

Shoes that will hopefully to comfortable and can be wore again


Terra Rose said...

Yay!! I love our dresses & can't wait to wear them. You did a great job. Love, your M.O.H. =)

Mom said...

I almost bought those shoes in Roanoke while visiting cousin Cindy the other day. The lady in the store had a little add on bling bling clip, which, of course that was what caught me eye! HaHa