Here Comes the Bride Updated

Okay guys, I need some help/advice. I need to start thinking about the little details of the ceremony.
Question #1 - What song to play when I walk down the aisle? I don't want to do the traditional but I also don't want anything too crazy. Suggestions?
Questions #2 - We have decided not to do the unity candle or the sand during the ceremony but I would like something to do other than just saying our vows. Suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
Now moving on to something I do know...the cake.
I've finalized the design and flavors. Below is a picture that is similar to the design except the top is going to have two green apples made of marzipan.


Alix said...

I walked down the aisle to Highland Cathedral. We hired a guy to play the bagpipes for that and the recessional. It sounds crazy but everybody loved it. I thought I already posted this but think I forgot to do it officially

Mom said...

Well I vote for Earl!

Anonymous said...

Time for a new post!