The Great Flood of 2010....Part 2

I'm still completely amazed at the amount of damage Nashville has sustained over the past couple of day. This image below is taken at the Opryland Hotel. I have visited this hotel many times and we often take visiting guest here for a delicious Sunday Brunch. The chairs we once sat on are now floating around.

When I returned to work on Tuesday I found out several of my co-workers had lost everything and one of my patients had lost her home as well.

If you are interested in volunteering to help in the recovery process please go to Hands on Nashville ( www.hon.org )

If you would like to donate to the recovery process please go to the Red Cross (www.nashvilleredcross.org)

Here is another video I snapped on Sunday. This is nothing compared to what the Cumberland River did but this small stream lifted up huge chunks of asphalt and made this bridge almost unusable.

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