The Great Flood of 2010

I've been stuck in the house since about 2:00 yesterday. I'm going crazy! Chad is going crazy. Even Marley is going crazy...okay not really, he is oblivious to everything and just sleeps and eats as usual. The internet has been down and I started having the shakes from my lack of blogging, facebooking, and browsing Perez Hilton. Thankfully our house is nice and dry but the neighborhood and the rest of Nashville is not. A house was floating down the interstate if that tells you anything. I caught a break in the storm and went out with my flip camcorder to check out the damage. This video is of a small, small, small little stream that runs through the back of our house and through the neighborhood. Again this stream is usually really small.

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Mom said...

We have watched all of The Great Flood of 2010. Can't believe you guys were right in the middle of it. Glad you were on higher ground!