Weekend Warriors Part 2

Day two of our home improvement weekend consisted of hanging cabinets.
When we moved in, the laundry room just had a big shelf and well I'm a neat freak and couldn't stand seeing all the cleaning/laundry supplies just sitting up there.

What a difference some cabinets make.
Many kudos to Chad for taking down the shelf, repairing the dry wall, painting over the repaired dry wall, putting the cabinets together, and not yelling at me for incorrectly using the power drill. :)
In Chad's words, "he got his man on" this weekend.

He even installed this handy dandy holder for my broom, mop, etc...
I think I'll keep him around a little longer.


Mom said...

Good job Chad - Looks Great!

Momma Lynn said...

Hey, GuyS
The new cabinets look fabulous and the paint job made a world of difference. I love both, but the two of you more. GREAT JOB!