MOO Cards

I got this email today from Foodbuzz and it was about a free order of MOO cards for all their featured publishers. I immediately thought there was probably a catch to it but nope, they really gave us a free pack of mini MOO cards! What you may ask are MOO cards. Well check out their website and see for yourself. I love that you can personalize your cards and the price really isn't that bad. I can't wait to get mine in the mail. I think they are gonna come in very handy. It is so hard to remember websites and this way I can just say "here is my blog card"...get it? Instead of business card its a blog card. I will post pictures as soon as my little MOO cards arrive. They are coming all the way from Europe so it might be a few days.

Happy Hump Day everyone and remember the weekend is just around the corner! :)


miss moose said...

Firstly, congratulations!
Secondly, I really like the warmth of the second pallet. Green and white look really pretty but it makes me think more of Spring!

Chad said...

You're so cute squishy!

Candice said...

i love them, super cute and i love how you can customize each card. They are great to give clients!