Long Day Dinner

Don't get all excited, this isn't a new wonderful recipe or anything. I like to call this my "go to dinner." I try to keep the ingredients for this dish on hand at all time. It is just so quick, easy, and filling. Try it out the next time you are short on time and tired from a long day.

Easy Jambalaya
- Prepare a box of Zatarain's Low Sodium Jambalaya as directed on the box, leaving out the meat.
- Dice up whatever kind of sausage you like. I usually use a turkey sausage by Butterball.
- Brown sausage in a pan while the rice is cooking.
- Mix sausage in with rice and enjoy.
- You can also grill a chicken breast or two and chop it up and add to the rice mixture.
- If I can find fresh okra I dice it up and cook it with the rice.

Sorry the last picture isn't better. I got hungry and forgot to take a photo before I started eating.

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