I have in my opinion the most delicious guacamole recipe. All my co-workers agree as well. I'm not gonna lie, I can eat the whole batch by myself and I have. Its the perfect summer dip and avocados are nice and ripe this time of year.

1. 3-4 soft but not mushy avocados diced

2. 1 small red tomato diced

3. 1/2 of a red onion diced

4. A dollop of sour cream

5. As many shakes of Tabasco as you like

6. Salt and pepper

7. Garlic salt

8. Squirt or two of lemon juice

Just combine all the above ingredients. I like to add the avocados last so they don't get so mushy while your stirring. I recommend tasting as you go. You might like it creamier so add more sour cream. Some like it very spicy so add more Tabasco. You could even add cilantro if you like.

If your not sure how to tackle an avocado watch this video

Enjoy with chips, on tacos, on burritos, on burgers, or just a spoonful.

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