I decided to treat myself to a mani and pedi today and got way more than that. I know if may sound snobby or mean but I really hate it when the manicurist (is that the right term?) tries to chat it up. I am there to relax and talking to a complete stranger is not relaxing to me. Anyways, the girl that I got today was trying to talk during the pedi but I quickly shut my eyes and pretended to take a nap. She gave an awesome massage that lasted much longer than usual and I starting thinking I should remember her name (Sam) and request her every time. Then came the mani. More face to face and no faking a nap. She immediately starting talking and this is how the conversation went down...brace yourself people.

Sam: "Do you exercise."
Me: "Yes" (I'm thinking why did she just ask that. Is she calling me fat?)
Sam: "Do you exercise on your period?"
Me: "Excuse me." (I'm thinking we got lost in translation)
Sam: "They say you can't exercise on your period."
Me: "Well I do and it doesn't bother me."
Sam: "I like to hula-hoop. I do it for 20 minutes everyday. I also like to walk. I haven't been able to exercise for two days because I am on my period. Do you like to hula-hoop?"
Me: "Uh yeah, its fun but I haven't done it since elementary school." (At this point I'm waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out and say I've been punked)

Sam asked me one more time if I exercise on my period and then continued to tell me all her symptoms of being on her period, that she takes Midol to help, and that she hasn't eaten since 9:00am and her hands are shaky. Just what I want, shaky hands painting my fingernails.

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Karen said...

LOL!!! too funny!