Blonde moments...

Things at work have been extra stressful and mentally draining, so when I come home my brain turns to mush and stops working. This in turn makes for some pretty funny comments/actions on my part.

My first blonde moment happened when I received some lovely flowers from my previous employer. I came home, trimmed the flowers, put them in a vase and placed them on the dinning room table. The next morning I walked into the kitchen and noticed the flowers were not so lovely anymore. They were all wilted and the petals were falling off. I was very puzzled as to what happened until I realized I had forgotten to put WATER in the vase.

My second blonde moment occurred when I bought cream cheese at the grocery store. I was all excited because I rediscovered my love for everything bagels and had just purchased some along with the cream cheese. When I got home I noticed in the corner of the cream cheese label it said "than cream cheese." I turned to Chad and said I think I bought the wrong thing, this says "than cream cheese," I don't know what that is." He just looked at me for a minute and said "Honey read the whole label." 1/3 less fat than cream cheese.

My third and best blonde moment was during a walk. Chad, Marley, and myself were taking our usual walk down the same street when suddenly I noticed a really crazy looking tree. It had a long perfectly round trunk with vines wrapping around and sticking out all over like a cactus. I pointed it out to Chad and he just looked at me. I said don't you think its funny looking. He slowly replied "Thats a telephone pole."

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