Sushi Night

A few weeks ago I was watching an episode of my favorite food network show...Everyday Italian... and Giada was making SUSHI. She made it look so very easy that I though I might give it a try. So one Friday night Chad and I became professional sushi chefs :) While I was at work he drove around all of Nashville gathered the ingredients needed for sushi night. Apparently no one in Nashville was selling sushi grade tuna. The guys behind the seafood counter at Whole Foods told Chad to lightly sear the tuna and it would be all good. I got a little nervous and immediately imagined myself laying on the bathroom floor all night with some nasty food poisoning. Chad assured me it would be okay and off we went with our sticky rice, seaweed, and Sriracha chili sauce. It was surprisingly easy! The rolls in the back of the picture are spicy tuna with black sesame seeds on top, the middle are California rolls, and the front are crunchy shrimp. Looks professional doesn't it?!?! The hardest part was keeping the sticky rice from sticky to your hands and trying to roll the sushi tight enough so it doesn't fall apart. All in all it was a good experience and I felt very accomplished afterwards. Oh and no food poisoning!

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grad girl said...

Too bad I don't like sushi...that looks delicious!