Happy Birthday!!

On Sunday, January 27, 2008 I became the owner/mom to a 6 week old puggle (pug+beagle). I brought him home and named him Marley. Tomorrow, he will turn 1! Life as a dog owner has been very entertaining, rewarding, frustrating, and time-consuming. Here is a list of a few things I have learned along the way:

1. Never underestimate the level of destruction a dog can perform on your house/belongings as evidenced by chewed up shoes, CDs, jump drives, toys, socks, underwear, books, bras, rugs, and plastic bottles.

2. One can no longer stay out all night downtown at the "honky tonks"...you have a small child at home that needs to be feed/walked.

3. Guilt! Guilt for not coming home at lunch, guilt for eating delicious human food while your dog stares at you with those big sad eyes, guilt for cutting his man parts off, and guilt for when life gets so busy and there is no time for a little game of tug-o-war.

4. It doesn't matter that it is raining/snowing/freezing cold, your tired, sick, lazy, or busy... your dog still needs to go outside!

5. Pride! Pride for when your dog graduates puppy class, pride for when your dog handles himself at the big dog park, and pride for when everyone talks about how darn cute he is.

Below are some of my favorite pics.

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Camels & Chocolate said...

OMG, how cute is he?!?!?

P.S. How did I not know you had a blog? How's Nashvegas?