Gettin' Old

Working in a nursing home for nearly two years has allowed me to see what aging does to both the mind and body. Let me tell you people IT IS NOT PRETTY. I seriously didn't think breast/balls/butt cheeks could sag so much. It still shocks me to this day even though I've seen a million by now. Another part of the body..well one of your main organs to be exact...that aging reeks havoc on is your SKIN. It becomes thin, brusied, flakey, wrinkly, and just down right disgusting. But...I have noticed that some of the residents have better skin then others. A new patient of my (whom upon meeting told me "I'm a vain person honey") has what I would consider great skin for her age. She told me her secret and I've decided to be nice and share it with others. She swears by it, said she has used it for 40 years, and made me try some. I don't know if thats the answer or if she has good genes. Maybe she didn't bake herself in the sun/tanning bed like most of us do. Either way I'm willing to give it a try. Now if I could just find a way to stop my butt from sagging down to the back of my knees.

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