If your wondering how Marley is handling the new baby just take a look below.
The day we brought Atlas home was kinda hairy. I was positive Marley was going to claw him to death. Not in a mean way but more of a what the heck is this thing kinda way. He was very curious and confused. Marley eventually settled down only to start vomiting two days later. I was sure he had eaten something he wasn't suppose to. Who knows what he could have gotten into. No one was paying any attention to him. He could have eaten the entire house and I wouldn't have know because I was so sleep deprived and stressed from having a 4 day old baby at home. So off to the vet Marley and I go and he immediately starting acting just fine. The vet didn't see anything wrong. and gave him some meds to calm the stomach and sent us on our way. I will never know what exactly was wrong but I would bet you $1000 that it was Marley's way of  getting attention. Once he got in the car with just me he was okay. He just needed some mommy and me time I guess.
This is Marley taking a nap in his brothers Nap Nanny (all you moms or soon to be moms google it, buy it and thank me later)
Its been a pretty easy transition for the most part. We make sure to give Marley attention and one on one time though. He will in some ways always be our first born and I'm sure he and Atlas will quickly become best of buds.

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Mom said...

Poor Mar has gone through a lot of changes since his little brother arrived and yes he does need his alone time with you. And Chad too! I think he and his little brother will become best friends!