New York Part 4

I'm back! Every once in awhile my brains goes on hiatus from blogging. This was one of those times.
Anyways, remember that trip I took to NYC way back in May? Well I'm still blogging about it. :)
A month or two before out trip, my amazing friend Lydia sent me a picture text of Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten) having brunch a few tables down in a restaurant called Tipsy Parson.
Of course when I was planning our trip to NYC, Tipsy Parson was on the list. If Barefoot Contessa eats there it must be amazing.
The restaurant was sooo tiny but so cute...like you were eating at a friends house in the french country maybe (not that Ive ever been there but hey). This was the view from our table.
I ordered the Migas. The ingredients were so fresh and flavorful and the guacamole was some of the best.
I had to try a side of mac and cheese. So creamy with a nice crunchy topping. Just the way I like it!
Chad ordered the Spoonbread (kinda like a mix between bread pudding and corn bread) with the most amazing pulled pork slathered in the most amazing bbq sauce topped with two perfectly fried eggs. We both agreed it was the best brunch dish we had even eaten.
Chad wanted to go see the Statue of Liberty and I was trying to be a good wife and pretend like I'd like to go see it again. Thankfully the line was like 2 hours long and we didn't have time to wait :)
Chad settled on taking some funny pics of it from across the river.

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