New York Part 1

The hubby and I recently took a vacation to the Big Apple. The hubby had never been before and I couldn't wait to go and show him one of the most wonderful places in the world. So our bags were packed and we we're heading to the airport when I realize I'd forgotten the memory card for the camera (after Chad asked me if I had it before we left) Ooops :)
 Quick detour to Walgreens
 We finally arrived in NYC and we were starving. We headed down to Schnippers Quality Kitchen for a great hamburger.
 Chad's blue cheese burger (which I took a bite of cause I thought it was mine)
 My burger.. the Schnippers Classic consisted of a special cheese blend, caramelized onions, arugula, and the secret Schnippers sauce. It was delicious after a long day of work then traveling.
We stayed in midtown and this was the view from our hotel room. I have lots more eating and sightseeing to post we will just call this an appetizer of NYC. Stay tuned for more...

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Chad said...

I'm certain that the bite of my burger you took was the best of all. I think that was a purposeful 'mistake'