Strawberry Mascarpone Stuffed French Toast

I recieved some delicious Nature's Pride Bread in the mail the other day courtesy of Nature's Pride and Foodbuzz. I couldn't wait to try it out and come up with a yummy recipe. I decided since the bread was so hearty that it needed something to sweeten it up a bit :) The strawberries have been looking so good in the grocery store so I knew a strawberry stuffed french toast was the way to go! I asked my wonderful husband to give it a taste even though he just ate dinner and usually isn't a big sweet fan. I practically had to pull him away before he ate it all!

Strawberry Mascarpone Stuffed French Toast
- 1cup of diced strawberries
- 1 container of Mascarpone cheese (if you can't find this, softened cream cheese would work as well)
- Nature's Pride Hearty Wheat Bread with Flax
- 2 tablespoons of sugar
- 3 eggs
- 2 tablespoons of milk
- 2 teaspoons of cinnamon

Start by dicing up your strawberries in a bowl. Add in the sugar and let them sit for about 5-10 minutes.
In a shallow dish, whisk the eggs, milk, and cinnamon together.
Heat 2 tablespoons of butter in a large pan or skillet over medium heat. (I used a cast iron skillet)
Once the berries have marinated with the sugar, stir in the mascarpone cheese. ( Go ahead and give this a taste, its DELICIOUS!)
Take a slice of your bread, spoon on as much or as little of the berries/cheese mixture as you like. Place another slice of bread on top. Carefully, dip the bread into the egg mixture. Make sure you coat all sides and allow the excess to drip off before placing in the hot skillet. Cook about 3-5 minutes on each side. Checking to make sure the bread doesn't burn. I served mine with a sprinkle of powdered sugar. *Note: the ingredient picture shows honey but I decided not to use any. Just didn't want you to think you were going crazy.


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IHOP has nothing on you do they? Looks yummy! You can fix those for us for Easter breakfast - Hahahaha!