DIY Backsplash

What did you do all weekend? I installed a kitchen backsplash.
When Chad and I purchased the townhouse we opted for no backsplash and decided we would save money and install our own. Well this weekend we tackled that job and a job it was. Whew, I'm exhausted, my neck is sore, Chad's hands are sore, and my kitchen was a wreck for days.

Prepping for the job (I really struggled with the mess and lack of organization in the house. My OCD was really beginning to show by Saturday afternoon)
Chad carefully reading the instructions to the wet saw. Glad to say that no fingers were lost in the process of tile cutting :)
First tiles to go up
Finished product
No more grease splatter and stains on the wall. Now lets just hope the tiles don't start popping out and falling down. Fingers crossed.

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The Mom said...

Kudos to the tile layer(s)!