Lloyd Christmas

Who has watched Dumb and Dumber? Hopefully you all have and if you haven't you better hop to it cause its a great movie. Anyways, remember Lloyd Christmas played by Jim Carey? Well last night I looked like a female version of him. Let me set the scene...Chad and I are watching TV, Chad lays is head on my lap, I prepare to take a drink of water, Chad decides to get up, Chad's head hits the glass of water, the glass of water hits my tooth, my tooth breaks. Sounds like a fun night huh. I cried, I laughed, and then Chad informed me I looked like Lloyd Christmas and I cried again. Luckily the dentist was able to see me at 9:30 and my tooth was fixed by 10:00.

I'm still a little skiddish about drinking. I think I will stick to plastic cups and silverware for awhile.


Anonymous said...

OMG! You do look like him! Glad they could fix it so quick. Maybe you should go and buy some straws and a tooth guard until after the wedding. Poor baby - Love You!

Anonymous said...

Poor Leanne does look like Lloyd Christmas! Well all I can say it could have been worse... the day before your wedding! OMG! I am however, interested in seeing the finished product. Can you post a after pic?