Who's With Me?

Pioneer Woman is coming to Nashville!
When: Tuesday, December 8th 7:00pm
Where: Davis-Kidd Bookstore in Green Hills
Why: To sign her cookbook and make my day
I'm so excited! I wonder if her husband and kids will be with her. I wonder where she will stay. I wonder where she will eat. I wonder if she will have on her Spanx.

If you need a Christmas gift for the cook in your life I recommend this one. The recipes are pretty simple and she has step by step photos to help ya along.

One more thing...I keep hearing through the grapevine about friends/family who read this blog of mine. I would love to know who ya are and what you like reading about so leave me a comment and/or become a follower....pretty please.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! You dont know me but I love your blog, AND I LOVE PIONEER WOMAN AND I AM TOTALLY GOING! My roommate was like, um ok cool. But I am SO EXCITED!

Mom said...

Well you know I am a follower of yours and PW. This is one way I can keep up with you - just kiddin! Love You Bunches