Last Saturday I was awakened by the sound of Marley vomiting under the bed. What a great way to start the morning. Luckily nothing came up and we proceeded about our morning. As I was getting ready to go shopping I notice two large piles of vomit by the front door. Apparently Marley's breakfast didn't stay down. I didn't feed him anymore that day but he continued to throw up yellow liquid. Around 6:00 Chad and I headed to the emergency vet ($$$$$) to make sure our baby was okay. The vet gave us two options; 1. Conservative approach of meds to settle the stomach and some fluids to make sure he wasn't dehydrated ($190.00) 2. Extreme route of X-rays and blood work ($500.00). We chose the conservative to start with and decided if he continued to throw up we would come back for x-rays etc... Thankfully Marley stopped throwing up and I was breathing alittle easier. However, over the next couple of days I noticed that Marley was sleeping alot, not eating as much food, and not playing with his toys when usually he eats everything in sight and drives me crazy with his toys. Well on Wednesday I quickly figured out what was holding the poor guy down.... A WASHCLOTH! Yep he swallowed AND digested a washcloth and by digested I mean he pooped out a washcloth. Okay well I had to help it along but sure enough out came a red washcloth. Just when I go thinking Marley is smarter than the average dog...

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