Baked Ziti

You know those nights when you can't decide what to fix for dinner and nothing really sounds good? Well Chad and I had one of those nights on Sunday. I wanted pan fried pork chops from Pioneer Woman but I think Chad is over my obsession with her and all her recipes. He wanted baked ziti like the kind we get at Maggiano's. Well you can tell from the post title who won that fight. Anyways, we had no recipe but Chad is the kind that just goes willy-nilly into the store and ends up creating something so delicious and thats exactly what happened on Sunday.

Baked Ziti

- Start by browning a pack of ground Italian Sausage

- Cook a box of ziti or penne as directed on the package

- Saute veggies of your choice in oil for about 5 minutes (we used zucchini and onions)

- Heat a jar of marinara sauce (or you can make your own). We add chopped fresh tomatoes to make it feel alittle more homemade.

- When all the above are cooked, mix together in an oven safe dish.

- Top with Parmesan cheese and mozzarella. We used chunks of fresh mozzarella and it was amazing.

- Place under broiler under cheese melts and gets slightly browned.

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