Anal Glands and Cats

Marley woke me up yesterday with agonizing whines. He keep whipping his head around to his backside like it was on fire or something. He would act normal (well as normal as possible) then all of a sudden the whining would start again and he would just lay down in the floor. I new something was majorly wrong when I ate breakfast and he didn't even beg for me to share. So we hopped in the car and headed for the vet. I was imagining the worse...surgery, $1000's of dollars, etc.... Turns out it was just stopped up anal glands. Whew what a relief for me and Marley. I can't forget the look Marley gave me when the doctor stuck his gloved finger up his backside. Let me just tell you if you've never experienced anal glands before, the smell will knock you down. Seriously, it is one of the worse smells I have ever experienced and I work in a nursing home people. The doctor told me this happens to dogs all the time and he could teach me how to "express" the glands myself. I said no thanks.

Then as if Marley's day couldn't have got any worse Chad and I bring a cat into the house. Poor little kitty kept coming up to our door so we brought him (Mr. Whiskers is his temporary name) in and gave him some milk and dog food. I'm not a big cat person but this guy was so cute and friendly (to humans not dogs). Marley was a big chicken and just kept barking at the kitty. The cat would just hiss and swat. It was very entertaining for Chad and I but I think Marley was over it.


Heather C said...

aww well i think you should keep the kitty or take it to twisted whiskers a rescue that's great i have actually taken cats there that i couldn't keep.

Anonymous said...

I can hear the beagle bark now!

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Marley! My Lab, Sysney had to go through the same thing at the vets office. Luckily, now my husband relieves Sydney of his anal anxiety! lol Kristal