Spicy Shrimp vs. Stuff Shrooms

Dinner on Friday night consisted of an old favorite (stuffed mushrooms) and a new addition (spicy shrimp). Both dishes are very easy and delicious. They seemed to be battling it out in my mouth and stomach for title of best dish that night but I have to say it was a tie.

Yes folks you are seeing correctly. Those are pats of butter all over the shrimp. Paula Deen would be proud.
Beautiful stuffed mushrooms just screaming out "EAT ME!"

The stuffed mushrooms are an old recipe from Sandra Lee on the food network and can be found here . The spicy shrimp is a recipe from The Pioneer Woman and can be found here .
Do try these recipes. I promise you won't be sorry...just stuffed.

Also, some of you have mentioned that you were unable to leave a comment on here. I have fixed the problem so any and everyone should be able to comment. Sorry about that.

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