Happy Easter

Even at the age of 25 I still look forward to my Easter Basket. My mom never disappoints and always has the same basket stuffed full of my favorite candies. If growing up means no more Easter Baskets then I don't wanna grow up...

Even Marley enjoyed Easter with his new toy. He immediately chewed out the eyeballs and moved on to the stuffing inside.
Somehow my mom convinced me to make these raspberry cakes around 9:00 Saturday night. They turned out great and so very "Eastery"

I finally took my great-grandmothers silverware back to Nashville with me and I'm so excited. I might just have a dinner party so I have an excuse to use them!

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Anonymous said...

YAY for easter baskets!

Also, I have two Dachshunds and they always go for the eyes first. Then the nose, and then the stuffing. Nothing stays in one piece for more than a few days with them around. :)