Hello everyone reading this (which is probably about a total of two). So I decided to start a blog...why you ask? Well there are several reasons which I will list...
1. Everyone is doing it
2. I thoroughly enjoy reading other blogs and thought maybe just maybe someone might enjoy mine.
3. I love my computer and anything that has to do with technology.
4. To share my day to day experiences working with the elderly population
5. To share my love of cooking, tv watching, shopping, and surfing the internet
So there you go, the top five reasons I started a blog. :0) Enjoy!!!


mags said...

Get down with your green self girl! Thanks for the great suggestions, I get so many catalogues every day, can't wait for that to stop.

Brooke said...

I read your blogs! i just wanted you to know! Love You!
PS I got a malt-a-poo...Claudia! You need to come visit and see her!